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telecom deregulation

Too much "market freedom" when laws are inadequate (think The Telecom Act of '96) and when natural monopolies are easy to defend, can be a very, very bad thing. On that topic Salon's Deregulation's Big Lie talks about how, under Michael Powell, the FCC seems to be ready to go back to the age of huge monopolies with little regulation.

The article makes the point that hasty, case by case "solutions" (like the one seemingly proposed by Powell where a Baby Bell would take over WorldCom) will create only more problems in the long run. From the article:

"[this is] too important to let some huge new zillion-dollar corporation be formed, and then say: "Well, we'll take this up in a few years." By then that lobby will be so strong, they'll be flossing their teeth with politicians' underpants. You've got to do it now, ahead of time."

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Posted by diego on July 16 2002 at 9:05 PM

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