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inside the mind of a maccommunist

This article discusses the MacCommunist, a writer from New York with a unique spin on MacMania.

A reader (obviously not a Mac user :-)), tired of his Marxist views, wrote: "Macs appeal to socialists because Apple is the model of a planned economy,Totally anti-free market (no clones). No free choice of Mac supplier…. No free choice of hardware configuration. You get what the central planners (aka Steve) say you need and don't ask for nothing different…. Yep, Apple is for socialists."

This guy seems to ignore the fact that if you replace Mac with Windows and Apple with Microsoft, you get a much better analogy, since Windows really controls the market... but Bill Gates is, no doubt, one of the foremost examples of capitalism at "its best" and most fierce. So maybe analogies are not all that useful when contexts change so rapidly.

Or maybe we should start looking beyond worn-out hundred-year old ideas ...

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Posted by diego on July 18 2002 at 10:28 AM

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