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brain sync

I was just watching a VideoCD I recorded from a DivX-encoded AVI file. As it happens, the AVI file had the audio slightly out of sync with the video, about 100 milliseconds. I didn't want to go through the re-syncing, so I left it like that.

Only 100 msec and yet the brain manages to pick it up properly, and you can see the difference between the image and what's being said. And then eventually you ignore it automatically, and everything is allright again. Amazing.

Yet I can't help thinking that this incredible biochemical machinery is the same that can in some cases watch Jerry Springer every day or think that a Windows PC or a wad of green paper or an ICBM are the pinnacle of civilization.

All of which proves, I guess, that our "superior" brains are the source of all our problems and all our solutions...

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on July 19 2002 at 12:10 PM

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