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hacking as defense

Hollywood and the recording labels have succeeded in their lobbying efforts to introduce a bill in the US Congress that would allow them to hack machines if they are suspected of participating in piracy. The bill has just been introduced, so it's far from clear what will happen, and even maybe unlikely that it will pass, but I think that, rather than doing what the RIAA says, "fight fire with fire," they are actually doing something more along the lines of "fight fire by breaking into the house, stealing everything, and jailing the owner." I wonder what they are doing to influence things internationally, particuarly in the European Union.

When are they going to realize that if only they provided a good, reasonably inexpensive way to share media, people would use it? Most people that use P2P have fast connections, large amounts of storage, and good machines, which means they are, on average, affluent. Therefore, they could pay, and would, if the price was right, if the service was good.

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Posted by diego on July 24 2002 at 4:22 PM

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