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death by overload

Salon today has an interview with Esther Dyson defending ICANN, sort of. Sort of, because she doesn't really defend it, she keeps talking about "changing it from within, blahblahblah" which if I'm not mistaken means that there is something that should be changed. This follows another article some time back where John Gilmore argued that ICANN should be dissolved (which, incidentally, is quite interesting for what it says about the mechanics of the deals that went on between the US government, Network Solutions, and others).

All of this discussion, simply for the matter of names. Sometimes I think that for all the talk of corporations killing the Internet, Microsoft killing the Internet, or governments regulating the Internet to death, what's really going to kill the Internet is not any of those things: it's bureaucracy. Commitees having endless meetings about issues that nobody cares about, long after technology has left them behind. Similarly, access to information will not be controlled: we will simply be so overloaded with information that it won't matter anymore. Call it Death by overload.

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Posted by diego on July 26 2002 at 12:32 AM

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