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the hype of open source

This week's Economist has an article on open source and how things in the open source community have changed since its heyday (which one could argue happened around the time Red Hat went public). Many open source firms have gone bust, and others have "gone hybrid" such as Red Hat, which is selling a special high-end version of linux with some proprietary elements. Open source might also have become, maybe, too much of a buzzword for its own good, ready to be twisted by corporations looking for some publicity, among other things, as I mentioned earlier.

Yet the idea behind open source is too powerful to collapse along with the bubble. Open source is usually better, more secure and robust, than proprietary code. And if it can survive Microsoft and its attacks (such as its shared source program) it can survive anything.

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Posted by diego on July 26 2002 at 5:28 PM

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