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more on .notyet

CNET's Charles Cooper sounds off on the state of .Net (here's my previous comment on it) -- and Microsoft's and Gates's Clintonesque responses to simple questions like: what is .Net?

An answer Gates recently gave to that question:

"It's one of those great questions that people can say, 'Yes, it's come into focus at the infrastructure level,' but a little bit where we go beyond that has been unclear to people."

Say what?

Why can't they just say that they have no idea? I'd say that nobody in the computer industry is certain of what the next hot thing will be or where everything is going. So why not just admit that they are "betting the farm" on everything between web services, distributed applications, and games while at the same time updating their "monopoly apps" (Windows, office)?

"We really know what we're doing" ... yeah right ... well... Not that they are alone in the charade...

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Posted by diego on August 4 2002 at 12:45 AM

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