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the next microsoft office

An Infoworld interview with Jeff Raikes (VP of Productivity and Business Services) on the future of Microsoft Office and how it will interact with Sharepoint services and Groove.

Comparing this to the rumors that appeared about two months ago relating to Office 11 (ie., post Office XP, which was O.10) and "Office NGO" or "Office .Net" (which might have been simply concepts floated out as FUD or simply as the result of infighting at MS) it seems the interview doesn't seem to contradict them, but how close these two visions end up being is anybody's guess.

Regardless of how difficult to use Office 11 will be (hint: even more difficult than Office XP, since it has all these new collaboration features) I am always impressed that Microsoft can manage to churn out these incredibly complicated products, mixing client, server, products from other companies, etc, and in the process making sure that they are obliterating the competition, whoever they are and making a bundle.

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Posted by diego on August 14 2002 at 6:50 AM

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