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on paid content and weblogs

Karlin Lillington, a fellow Dubliner, comments on one of her first weblog entries: if part of the idea of blogging is linking and commenting, what will happen as more and more content becomes paid content while the blogs remain free-for-all?

If a lot of content from high-quality sites would suddenly become off-limits to anybody without a credit card, it would certainly be detrimental. But I don't know if we'd just revert to just writing things about each other as she (perhaps half-jokingly) fears, but rather weblog communities might become more "attuned" to the media around which their participants swarm, creating many more-loosely connected sets of highly-connected weblogs.

Personally, I link to paid-content sites sometimes, simply because a weblog is as much (or maybe more) personal as it is public. So it would be going against the nature of the weblog to censor paid content links only because other can't access them. On the other hand it would also be going against the nature of the weblog to create something that's not publicly accessible. A paradox! What matters most?

The public side or the private side of a weblog? It depends on the writer I guess.

Something to think about...

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Posted by diego on August 17 2002 at 12:17 AM

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