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Ray Ozzie says: "innovation is the vehicle, drivers wanted."

His entry is inspiring if you will, but his "disappointment" that people are not pushing the "state of the art" in office applications, etc, is a bit misplaced. He should not be disappointed at the developers. He should be disappointed at monopolists like Microsoft who do their best to obliterate anybody that even remotely challenges them. He should be disappointed at the VCs and Investors that won't touch the software business with a ten-foot pole. He should be disappointed at the OEMs who will not install anything except what Microsoft or AOL gives them, because they can pay. Nobody thinks of the users, to them it's just "market share" and revenues.

Innovation depends on developers, yes. But it also depends on the current people "in power" (so to speak) to allow innovation to happen.

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Posted by diego on August 17 2002 at 3:41 PM

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