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A new OS X... on the Win95 Anniversary

Apple will release the latest OS X (codenamed "Jaguar") on the 7th anniversary of the launch of Windows 95. This is all well and good, but think about it...

Today's UIs are flashier and they certainly require a lot more power, memory and drive space to boot, let alone to do anything useful. The web has been the main qualitative change since Win95 came along (And to think the arrogant codecutters at Microsoft didn't even include a TCP/IP stack in it, because MSN was going to take over the world!). And in a way it all goes back to the 70s and the Xerox Alto and even the late 60s and Doug Engelbart's astonishing 1968 demo of a fully networked environment with Windows and a mouse.

Which is to say, we need a paradigm shift. Now. I can't bear the possibility that we'll get to the year 2010 and, instead of being on a mission to rescue Discovery and see what had happened to that Monolith after all, we'll be using Windows 2010 on a machine with 10 Gb of RAM to run... Microsoft Word.

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Posted by diego on August 23 2002 at 7:46 PM

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