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open source politics

A good article from Salon analyzing the current idea that some people are pushing of making open source software of mandatory use for the state of California.

Me, I agree with the "libertarians" of the article. I think it's a stupid idea. People should use it because it's good and cheap. They shouldn't be forced to. If you have to force people to use something, you've already lost, and they will find ways around it. Besides, mandatory use would turn developers into complacency. The open source community would become no better than Microsoft, happy in its entrenched markets.

But I do think that leaders and software/high tech corporations ought to "participate" more in the political process, otherwise it will always be co-opted by the same old players. They have the money, they need to start spending it, and fast. A related note: an interesting discussion on "the weblog candidate". I think it is kind of weird that all of this hype is being generated just because she has a weblog and because she is on "our" side on one issue.

It's easy to think that the technology you are creating is going to change the world and get lost in the hype. Not even the internet has delivered its promise of world-change yet, which as far as I'm concered would imply an improvement (not just a change, and getting real-time news doesn't count as an improvement) in the lives of regular people everywhere, not just the ones with means in rich countries.

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Posted by diego on August 27 2002 at 11:56 AM

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