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more on blogging and its consequences

Bryce commented on my previous post regarding "blogging, writing, and its consequences." Specifically he zeroes in on my mention of "western society" as hypocritical because we can't avoid sugar-coating or just plain avoiding the truth, and specifically because acts of personal expression many times go counter to what we expect from people.

He's absolutely right in what he says, that eastern societies have similar aversions to unpopular thoughts, and that they do it for different reasons. Just to clarify, my intention was not to single out western society as the only culprit, but mostly because we, with our "market economy" many times pretend to have it all figured out.

There's one more difference. (And this is simply a note, no judgment included!) Eastern societies, when they lie because of face-saving or honor or these kinds of things, they know they are doing it. They have evolved a complex system to deal with the ambiguities of private and public life. They do it consciously. It's all surface, and in reality, they accept that things are screwed up under the surface. In Western societies PCness eventually becomes reality. Example, when a government official suddenly is shown to be having an affair, everyone is shocked, shocked! as if the guy wasn't human. This is a problem for us; we are letting pretensions and lies dictate what we expect from reality.

That said, some eastern societies also have the problem (particularly in the younger generations) that they deal with these ambiguities like they were taught but they don't know why. So we're back to nothing. And in the interest of fairness, let's not forget how Eastern societies tend to crush the individual at the expense of the greater good, socially, politically, and mentally.

We look at the past, and we keep hitting blind alleys. We are at a point where we have to come up with something new.

Corporations give us one advantage in that sense: they are mini-environments with their own law, so they let us experiment. We will be able to create a corporation that puts the good of its employees first, the planet second, and huge profits at a distant third. I mean, shouldn't people be happy, motivated to work at a place like that? And wouldn't that mean that they would out-work and out-smart everyone else? Isn't all this just common sense?

And, who knows? maybe if it works there, then the same principles could be applied to other organizations.

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Posted by diego on August 28 2002 at 11:54 PM

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