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groove usage analysis

Ray Ozzie has posted a short comment regarding an analysis of Groove usage they made. Excerpt:

"The analysis does indeed validate that the 2-25 design center of the product is precisely the sweet spot of where it's being used in practice: approximately 35% of shared spaces are between a single pair of individuals, 60% of shared spaces are between 3 and 25 individuals, and 5% of shared spaces have more than 25 individuals. Amazingly to me - given the design center of the UI - I found that within this 5% there are actually hundreds of spaces with 100-250 members each; I'd surely never have expected this.

One other incredibly fascinating tidbit: 25% apparently use shared spaces with only themselves as a member, using Groove as a "briefcase" to transparently and securely synchronize files across multiple computers that they own - e.g. Office documents being synchronized between home and office PCs."

Now, I have a question: do people use it in the sweet spot (2-25) because that's the "natural" use of groups, as Ozzie suggests, or do they a) use it like that because the interface is optimized for it and hence pushes the users there or b) simply because huge groups of collaboration are almost nonexistent in the business world, where Groove is selling? Which is cause, and which is consequence?

Interesting ideas anyway :-)

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Posted by diego on August 30 2002 at 5:27 PM

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