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I started using Mozilla about a month ago and I quickly got convinced that it was better than IE.
Here are some reasons. With Mozilla you can:
  • Pause and resume a download
  • Configure the browser so it doesn't allow most of the Javascript tricks that fill your screen with ads, popups, popovers, popunders, etc.
  • Use tabs, so that all the pages you're reading are in a single window and there's less clutter in the taskbar.
  • Change font sizes in most sites. For example, IE can't change the font size of, Mozilla can.
  • Use the integrated editor to write weblog posts with fully-featured, standards-compliant HTML that won't later be filled with stupid Microsoft tags (which would happen if you used Word or Frontpage).
It's fast, it's stable, and free. Maybe now that it is at this stage it will be increasingly used as a basis for some true innovation. Salon covered this topic recently on their article Mozilla Rising.
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Posted by diego on September 17 2002 at 3:32 PM

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