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the perfect note-taker

Back in Dublin after a sleepless, grueling 24-hour trip, jetlagged and tired, and now I have to decide what to transcribe the notes I've taken over these few weeks. I have notes on paper notebooks, on my laptop, on Post-its, on restaurant napkins and random pieces of paper... Yes, I did take my laptop with me, but many times there is simply no choice other than to write things down on paper. A Palm is useful for short notes, but not for 100-word paragraphs (at least to me -- I refuse to learn to write Graffiti in ultrafast-fashion as some Palm-owners do for the simple reason that I think our products should adapt to us and not us to them). I don't think I'm alone in wanting a product that would solve this problem. The perfect device for taking short notes would be something like the Thinkpad Transnote, but way lighter and smaller, something with instant-on and hundreds of hours of battery life... and that can handle having coffee spilled on it and still work. Most of the technology needed for this 'perfect device' is already available, and on its way, and yet the most we are getting are re-hashes of PDAs and laptops. Hardware innovation really has a ways to go.

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Posted by diego on September 28 2002 at 6:32 PM

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