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electronic ink devices

Sanjay posted a comment on my previous entry about 'The perfect note taker' and suggested the Seiko Smartpad might be what I was looking for.

Not quite. One of the devices I mentioned, the IBM Transnote, had a similar system (although the sensor was a magnetic sensor under the paper instead of above it). I worked on a sister product of the Transnote while I was at IBM Research and the main problem of the technology is the handwriting recognition or, if that doesn't exist, having a really, really, really good organizing system for the notes you load into the devices. Otherwise, you simply replicate the problem of thousands of notes, but inside your PC (which is a step forward, but not a complete solution). Add to that the problem of having to carry around yet another device (which is in part what the Transnote was trying to solve).

However, the new Seiko device is really interesting, I'm glad to see they have advanced on it and made it better-looking and more portable. I'll see if I can find it somewhere and give it a try.

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Posted by diego on September 30 2002 at 1:06 AM

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