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more on patents

On my previous entry on the subject of patents, Chris pointed at two articles from The Economist (here and here). One of them I had seen before, one I hadn't. I also spent a bit of time reading other related material, and found two more articles from CNET that are the most relevant to the patent situation as it relates to the W3C (here and here).

It's still not clear to me what is the best solution. Patents are (supposedly) good for smaller companies, since they can be used to defend their property. However, smaller companies, by definition, won't have the resources to fight a long, drawn-out battle in the courts. In that sense the smaller companies might benefit more by making the idea public and becoming the main implementors. Because the idea is public, it will encourage other developers to do implementations and further the technology.


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Posted by diego on October 1 2002 at 7:43 PM

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