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blogging from afar... not

Yesterday I started writing Plan B again (related entry in no comment is here), and it made me think a bit about blogging, writing, technology and when it all simply becomes too much and should be ignored.

The main reason I couldn't write while traveling was a combination of time and space: not having enough time alone to concentrate, and not have a place to sit down quietly to do it (maybe those two are strongly related).

Technology was also a small factor even if I did have some "downtime" in which to write, I would have connection problems every now and then, for example.

Still, it's interesting to me that the main reason was not technological but personal, that is, I didn't allow blogging (or anything else for that matter) to interfere with being with family and friends.

24/7 email access, anywhere, anytime? Worldwide connectivity? Sure. But it felt good to back away from that for a while.

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Posted by diego on October 2 2002 at 3:45 PM

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