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charging without docking

A startup called MobileWise has announced a new technology to charge devices without docking. This article from CNET on it seems a bit confusing however, saying it's wireless and then saying it doesn't emit any radiation of any kind, or emit any field of any other kind for that matter (one way of transmitting electricity would be, for example, to create a moving magnetic field that could be "cut" by the receiving chip), which would imply the transmission happens by contact, and not wirelessly.

A quick perusal of the products section of MobileWise's site shows that they call the technology "wire-free" rather than "wireless." In effect, the section "how it works" of the site explains:

" MobileWise wire-free technology uses electrical contacts to transfer power from the surface of the Wire-free Electricity Base to the mobile device, allowing safe and efficient power transfer -- over 95% efficiency! -- without making use of harmful radiation or magnetic fields.
It would seem that's editors should tone down the hype a little bit. From their headline it would seem that Tesla's dream of wireless transmission of electricity had been achieved.

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Posted by diego on October 3 2002 at 11:45 PM

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