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it was only money

[via Karlin Lillington] According to Java creator James Gosling, .NET's threat to Java is financial, not technological. I agree, of course, but I wonder, when you have (at last count) 42 billion dollars in cash in the bank, plus an estimated additional 15 billion in securities and investments, the financial threat can easily become technological if they get the right people.

They certainly can out-market you, as they demonstrated with Netscape, but as they also demostrated with Netscape, they can come up with a better product (IE 4 was much better than Netscape Communicator). Only now Mozilla has surpassed IE, after 5 years, but IE now controls the market.

For the moment, though, even though they seem to be out-marketing Java at least they haven't surpassed it technologically, Java is still the main platform used to innovate in web applications (think about EJBs for example), and in smaller measure, smart cards and many portable platforms, as well as multiplatform development for PCs. As long as Sun continues supporting it the way they've done so far, Java will remain relevant as "the other" platform.

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Posted by diego on October 6 2002 at 3:55 PM

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