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office 2005 to be available before office 2003

Hilarious. From Fake News:

REDMOND, WA -- In a move that has been declared "unfortunate but necessary", Microsoft today announced that its productivity suite Office 2003 will again have its shipping date pushed back 3 months. This puts the shipping date on Office 2003 later than the estimated release of 2005.


While this move has been expected for some time, it did cause much discussion among industry experts. It was an anonymous user on the Internet that first pointed out that the new shipping date would be after the November 2004 date that Office 2005 will be available for beta testing in.

[A company] spokesman defended the beta test, saying, "It's important to Microsoft to keep the release date for Office 2005 on schedule. In order to do this we need feedback from the users as early as possible telling us what improvements over Office 2003 they most liked." In order for the feedback on Office 2005 to be collected, analyzed, and implemented the estimated release date of Office 2005 must be eight months before the shipping date.

The obvious difficulty in this is that there is no way for the beta testing to show improvements over Office 2003 if Office 2003 is not yet in use. To work around this problem Microsoft has announced that a special beta-testing team is being put together.

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Posted by diego on October 16 2002 at 2:05 PM

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