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on extreme programming

An excellent summary of the advantages and pitfalls of eXtreme Programming (XP), as told by someone actually using it in their project.

Having used XP myself, I can only say that I totally agree. XP is good, but mostly for small teams, and in any case it requires a lot more than just using the method: it requires change in the way of thinking of the people in the organization, its structure, and crucially in management. In fact --although it might be just the cynic in me saying this-- I think that if it's not part of a change initiated by management itself at the highest level, it has no chance of success, despite the best efforts of the developers and low-level managers (it might work for a while, but it will eventually disintegrate), and even if you do have complete support from upper management, there are still huge hurdles to overcome.

Writing good software is a difficult task. Those who believe that "it's just code" need to take a look at the crappy programs running in their machines.

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Posted by diego on October 18 2002 at 10:00 PM

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