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OSAF design notes

Mitch Kapor has posted some design notes on OSAF. Cool.

My design for spaces takes a similar tack, although I've chosen to start with an interface that feels more familiar, while gently easing the user into seeing the information more as connected data rather than disparate pieces. The data structures feel more familiar too even though in the background spaces is making all those connections between data items. Additionally, it seems that OSAF won't have the equivalent of the concept of a "space," which is an abstraction that defines an additional level of correlation between information, something that users clearly see but that might not be obvious for the program, simply by looking at the interconnections between the data. Again, the idea of a space is an evolution of the concept of a folder, but the space will become less and less relevant as more connections are formed ... so eventually it won't be necessary at all (something that can be seen in spaces when using the "Search Space", which provides free-form (for now) and eventually data-graph searching on the data.

It's great that these issues have finally surfaced in the popular consciousness. ;-)

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Posted by diego on October 24 2002 at 10:31 PM

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