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mozilla rising

I was looking at the stats for this month for the site today and I noticed the following use percentages:

  • MS Internet Explorer (All Versions) 37.7 %
  • Netscape (Versions) 31.2 %
  • Unknown 26.5 %
  • Opera 2.7 %
Now, I'm quite sure that Netscape means "Mozilla" since I use mozilla to access the site frequently and Mozilla is not even on the list. Or maybe mozilla is that pesky "Unknown"... in any case, it would seem to me that mozilla/netscape use has to be rising somewhat, since even accounting for differences in "demographics" the percentage use for IE would still be way below the +90% that is often quoted. Mozilla 6/Netscape 7 are definite improvements over the ill-fated Communicator (that actually pushed me to switch over to IE since it crashed so frequently), and I would not be surprised if it's actually beginning to show. Go mozilla!

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on November 4 2002 at 7:52 PM

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