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the power of referers

Dave made a comment on my previous post "the slashdot of weblogs". He said:

I found out about it by reading my referers, I was being pointed to by Warmbrain. When I went there he was talking about your software. I thought it sounded like Chandler, except while they're happily in vapor, you said you didn't like being in vapor. Then somone (I think Mark Bernstein) cross-posted to the Chandler design list. So that's how word flowed. I am honored to be a hub in the network, but the only way that happens is if I discover and pass on juicy links like this one quickly.
I like that phrase "happily in vapor" :-)

Referers are a truly interesting concept, and I think the only thing missing with them (on weblogs) is a better way to categorize them and "manage them" in a sense (although I hate that term, since it implies that the user has to do more work... Nevertheless it would be a truly cool feature for Radio (and not easily done with other weblog software like MovableType, since it's server-based and the stats have to be done with a separate package): a "referrer handler" page that lets you keep track of your referers, properly recognizes several different referers as being from the same posting, lets you do sorting...

... and then (moment of madness alert!) Radio could export functions to access it through XML-RPC (or expose it as this) and allow itself and other tools to take those values and massage them.. creating a full-circle loop: posting to referer back to posting. Essentially what it does for RSS feeds, but for referers.

Phew! So many possibilities with things as simple (yet powerful) as weblog tools and XML-RPC. Who needs .Net?

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Posted by diego on November 7 2002 at 8:37 PM

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