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on UIs

Russ is having a fit on user interfaces. Kill the widgets!! he says. Indeed. Three excellent postings, quite long.

The problem is, IMO, killing the widgets without obliterating the users in the process. Slowly, we have to evolve from the complex layers of multi-functional crap that UIs have become, and incrementally create something new and more usable. But we have to start with what users understand today and slowly come up with better ways fof working without disrupting them.

Hopefully in a couple of days when I can raise my head from beneath the pile of code and emails it's been buried under, I'll be able to add something more to the discussion. In the meantime, the links to Russ's entries are (in order) here, here and here.

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Posted by diego on November 9 2002 at 12:49 AM

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