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I was going to rest today... but there were a couple of important problems to fix in spaces. I couldn't stay away. So cleaned the apartment, then sniffed some Napalm and went on about it. These are the main changes in alpha-1.1:

  • RSS Feeds (and HTML email) now allow clicking on the URLs, loading the default browser of the system
  • send/receive mail and update feeds menus now let you select 'all' or update each account/feed selectively messages)
  • -spaces now stops transfers in progress when shutting down, preventing exceptions and problems
  • 'mark all as read' now works on the All Items and Search spaces
  • 'stop' button next to the progress bar, to stop a email/rss feed check process
  • the start delay for feeds and emails can now be configured
  • Email preview pane now has two displays, text view and HTML view. It displays the email in text by default (except for RSS feeds, where the default is HTML)
It's now available for download. Phew!

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on November 12 2002 at 5:39 PM

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