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trip & new alpha

Just release: spaces alpha-1.2. I have a four-day trip to Madrid coming up, but I wanted to fix a few problems. Alpha-2 is coming up, probably end of next week...

Also the past two days I've been agonizing over the question of the sources. I read all the licenses from Real, Sun, Mozilla, FSF, Apache... in the end I realized why GPL or GPL-like licenses (such as LGPL, Apache, etc) are the most widely used: Dual licenses are a mess. When writing one you need a lawyer hovering by your side, or you're bound to make mistakes. This is why only companies or groups such as OSAF can afford them (as far as I know...) There are problems of jurisdiction, copyright assingment, commercial uses...

Open-source deserves better than a license badly written. So, over time, I will release spaces components under LGPL, which is relatively straightforward, and hopefully at some point I will have resources to deal properly with the source code in its entirety...

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Posted by diego on November 14 2002 at 11:45 PM

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