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wind + rain = flu

I'm feeling pretty sick today (and yesterday was no picnic either). After the trip to Spain a couple of weeks ago I came down with a cold, which peaked last tuesday. Last wednesday morning I was feeling better. But I had to go to the university early, around 7:30 am. It was raining like hell, with 30 mph winds and maybe 2-3 C (38 F) of temperature. Buses were full, so none were stopping. I had an umbrella, and said, what the hell, let's walk.

Big mistake. It's an almost 3-km walk from my apartment to the university. After only one block the lower half of my body was wet and freezing: rain was coming in horizontally. I discovered that umbrellas can be quite useless. The wind was so strong that a few times the umbrella was about to collapse on itself (that is, I was walking against the wind with the umbrella in front of me).

So now I'm sick again, except this time it's worse. Bad throat ache. Body hurts, and so on. And so much to do! And why spend time writing this? Well, I guess that griping is soothing to the mind :) (incidentally, the word "gripe" means "flu" in spanish--such a coincidence).

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Posted by diego on December 2 2002 at 12:40 PM

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