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of festivities and timezones

After I posted the previous entry I realized what I'd done: included the time zone in it. Automatically! For me (for some time now, being as I am one of the modern-day nomads) this has been important for a while now, and I realize now that I have internalized it. At last count I talk to people in at least four timezones through these festivities (xmas, new years, etc). Experiencing this repeatedly changes the way you experience these events, since most of the people you talk to on the phone are either already past midnight or still aren't there yet. The nature of the event changes (for me at least), from being a gathering to a looser connection with people that is, maybe paradoxically, made more important because of the distance. This regardless of whether you find these dates important in the religious sense or not.

One of the unexpected side effects of globalization... maybe the idea of Internet Time wasn't so crazy after all, even if it failed as a marketing ploy.

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Posted by diego on December 25 2002 at 2:19 AM

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