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on google

Bill has an interesting entry on Google, where it's expanding, and its growing influence. Excerpt:

What perhaps bothers me is the casual attitude we have to Google - this is a private company that has effectively, no competition (the one other company that comes to mind that gets such an easy ride these days is IntelliJ, but at least it has Eclipse snapping at its heels). We see rants incessantly about Microsoft, yet Google has web search by the short and curlys and somehow we're all comfortable with that. But Google is just another company, and least we forget, one that is not afraid to bare its teeth (the publication of this email is the point when Google shark jumped for me). Google has also shown it will game its rankings under external pressure; what would it do in time under internal pressure? I say all this while being continually awestruck at their ability to innovate without serious competition and a card-carrying believer that their statistical approach to managing information on the web will continue to wipe the floor with ones driven by logic and knowledge representation, such as RDF and OWL. Google are a class act. [...]
In all, a good read.

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Posted by diego on January 5 2003 at 11:13 PM

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