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The last couple of days have been slightly crazy. A lot of feedback on the new version of spaces (specially from people on the mailing list that have been a great help) and one nasty bug resulting of the database change from 1.5.x to 1.6 have kept me quite busy. I also found two new weblog entries on spaces: one comment from Henning (whose weblog has mostly to do with Lotus Domino, and is quite interesting, at least for me :)) and one from Ray (Ray, by the way, has been thinking along similar lines with his concept of Workspace server, which is quite cool, as are many of the other musings on his weblog).

Back to spaces: I am trying to complete a new version (that would be 1.7) by the end of the week. There are a few bugs that, while they don't appear normally while alpha testing (mostly they have to do with doing operations on large amounts of data), they can be quite annoying. More soon on this. The beta is getting closer!

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Posted by diego on January 7 2003 at 6:37 PM

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