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macworld announcements

Something that, even only a few hours after Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld, has already been blogged to death. But I'd like to keep a link here for my own use. :-). Here is the main pointer to the coverage of the MacWorld announcements. A web browser called 'Safari' (Safari? And some people said I was crazy for calling my product 'spaces'), and the super-cool looking new PowerBook with a 17-inch display. The larger story seems to be the higher prevalence of software announcements, which is reasonable: soon, the biggest innovations will happen in the interconnection of devices, how they exchange data, and how PC programs leverage data received from multiple sources. That means software. Job's 'digital hub' idea might not be new, or terribly original, but it's probably the most clear description of these concepts that I've seen so far.

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Posted by diego on January 7 2003 at 11:58 PM

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