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URL geographical mapping part 2

Howard clarified in a comment to my previous entry about URL geographical mapping. He said:

I mean associating URL(s) with specific geographic coordinates on earth: The corner of fifth and main in downtown Philadelphia; room 234 on the 16th floor of a building at a certain longitude and latitude; a tree located at a precise GPS-specified location, etc.
So I had misunderstood. The idea would then be that URLs would be attached to locations, so you can "point" at a URL/location and comment on it. But how about dynamically "attaching" people/devices to the location? Then you could query the location to know who is there (this would go beyond topic- or location-oriented weblog directories, for example, since the connections would happen dynamically and automatically). So as a person travels they establish links as they move, a sort of virtual "spiderman" navigation, shooting connections from one step to the next and handing off when appropriate (based on distance for example). This would imply some form of centralized system, which I don't like, but maybe the information can be distributed dynamically among more "permanent" dwellers in a certain area.

The distributed internet, coming soon to a tree near you.

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Posted by diego on January 12 2003 at 2:22 PM

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