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spaces-alpha 1.7

So, after about a week and a half of intense testing and debugging, Here is the list of changes. Quite a lot of things; I had a lot of help from the people in the mailing list have been a great help in testing and reporting problems, and trying out pre-releases. Anyway, now, onward! 1.8 awaits. :-) 2.0 should be almost-feature complete, and would then become 'beta' I guess. I prefer to consider alpha as software not-feature complete, beta as feature complete but with bugs outstanding (although I haven't seen people release software under the "alpha" moniker in a while, everything seems to be "beta" these days). This is related to version management, a topic I was thinking of writing a bit about soon, mainly as a way of organizing my thoughts. Another thing that everyone has to do but is hardly ever formalized.

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on January 12 2003 at 8:30 PM

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