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a pim for mobiles

With mobile phones becoming more feature-rich (for the first time really beginning to hold their own against PDAs), Russ suggested that spaces (for example) could find a good niche as the "palm desktop for phones." It's a cool idea. I've been looking at the Symbian developer/SDKs website again (The first time I looked at it was when I was at IBM Research). Sadly, the dev kits area is a mess, there seems to be a different SDK for each phone and the link provided for Nokia phones is broken. Oh well.

In case writing code for the device itself is needed (if the SDK is properly designed, synchronization shouldn't require that, right?), I own a symbian-based device (the excellent Psion Series 7, now discontinued), which might make it easy to try Java code on a Symbian OS. Going from the Series 7 to a Symbian-based phone might be easier than from the emulator. Lots of things to learn.

Later: here is the link for the Nokia J2ME toolkit, download, and here is the link to Sun's J2ME toolkit page, which may also come in handy.

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Posted by diego on January 15 2003 at 11:48 PM

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