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more on the cringely-wireless discussion

Russ commented:

Isn't that around the time his child died from SIDS? It might explain his absense. He had an article about in April. Insanely tragic.
This is quite possible, and what happened with his child was horrible indeed. Whether this was the reason or not, Cringely clearly knows what he's talking about and his other comments on tech are usually on the mark, so I am more skeptical of the skepticism than anything else. Also, what he did has been replicated in other places, the first guy that did it in Egypt did it way earlier than him. Also my friend Chris said this in an email (btw, Chris, when are you getting a weblog? :-)):
Technically it is totally feasible. Actually we have set up a 2+km wireless link between two distant buildings belonging to the University. By using the appropriate high-gain directional antennas (say a 17dBi parabolic antenna) you can support links up to 3-5 km long. A University in Spain has set up a link which is even longer (something like 12km).

The only problem is that should a bird fly through the beam, it would probably drop dead! The radiation levels are way beyond those approved by FCC and the European regulatory authorities. Well, you might actually use it in a smaller scale to cook pop-corn (lying in a pan in your neighbors kitchen!)

Heh, I like the idea of using it to cook food. A sort of microwave oven for the masses!

Seriously, though, at Trinity, we've been setting up an experimental ad hoc network called DAWN throughout the campus, using basically the same technology but using less power (and so less range). Now that I think about it, there is also a broadband wireless service here in Ireland with a 2Km range. So I'm wondering if the people that objected to it were objecting to something specific about the technology, like using a certain type of transmitter... in any case the result is certainly feasible. So even if the specific technology might have seemed strange, the result is not.

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Posted by diego on January 16 2003 at 7:46 AM

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