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a year of 'trustworthy computing'

A article that tries to take stock on where Microsoft's 'Trustworthy Computing' initiative actually is. Choice quote from the article:

"We said that Trustworthy Computing is a 10-year project, sort of like (President) Kennedy sending people to the moon," said Scott Charney, chief security strategist for Microsoft. "We're (only) a year into it. We want to get to a point where the end user says, I trust this technology, my privacy is protected, and it is reliable."
Sending people to the moon? Please. Do they really believe that plugging the leaks in Windows that allow buffer overflows and rogue code to take over machines can be compared to anything other than, say, fixing the wheel of the cart used to bring food to the astronauts?

Later: I remembered that back in August Gates had made a similar assertion about how building .Net was "more difficult than getting to the moon.", and here is my entry commenting on that. Sounds kind of like this one doesn't it? :-)

So now Microsoft (according to them at least) is handling not one but two projects that are as difficult as "going to the moon."


With any luck, they will go past the moon and get lost in outer space.

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Posted by diego on January 17 2003 at 12:29 AM

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