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games as weapons has an article on the risk created by massively multiplayer games on the internet, in terms of their potential to be used for denial-of-service attacks. This will surely begin to happen more and more often: the internet is opening up to dozens (if not hundreds) of new platforms: phones, game consoles, video-recording devices (like the TiVO) and other appliances. Many of these platforms are brand-new in terms of their infrastructure. The built-in security will consequently be pretty bad. Add that to the fact that some of these platforms will see hundreds of millions of deployments within a couple of years (e.g., internet-enabled cellphones) and the security risk becomes pretty big. Specially since even Microsoft has shown that they haven't yet learned their lesson. Until new "autonomic" defenses are in place, with systems protecting themselves from attack without human intervention (a sort of immune system for the internet) the whole infrastructure will be at great risk. It will surely be interesting anyway.

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Posted by diego on January 19 2003 at 7:05 PM

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