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the creeping worm

I wonder if this new worm is the reason why my server was out yesterday morning. It sounds plausible. A whole section of my ISP seemed to be down. Zero reachability. Dave has a bunch of links/reports on it. It seemed to hit everyone pretty hard. And guess what: it exploits a bug in SQL Server. 'Trustworthy computing' indeed (Charles has a funny entry on the topic). The one thing we can trust is that they'll keep finding these kinds of holes in the millions of lines of code that Microsoft has piled up in the last couple of years. I remember Bill Joy in a speech at JavaOne 99 saying that he believed that it was impossible to truly debug the 35,000,000 lines of code in what is now Windows XP. He was right, as usual. The next version of XP will include the SQL Server engine in the flle system, We should get ready for more of this I suppose.

Later: an Associated Press story on the worm, published in the New York Times.

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Posted by diego on January 26 2003 at 1:41 AM

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