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defining 'the right to know'

The New York times has an article on how organizations make public the information regarding attacks on their networks. I guess the same could extend to 'real world' facilities. In principle, it seems that the idea of 'full disclosure' is the right one, but then if we think that crackers (let's lay off the honorable term 'hacker' for a moment, shall we?) thrive on publicity, it becomes more difficult to know if that is productive or counterproductive. What is worse? Never making public that they attacked you, thus inciting them to do it until you do make it public, or always making it public, setting off some sort of race to see who can show up next on the 'recent cracks' list? Hard to know.

And speaking of 'the right to know' in a different context: here is a Salon article on the threats posed by the Pentagon's TIA program.

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Posted by diego on January 30 2003 at 11:39 AM

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