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the seven-day workweek-- or seven-day weekend

Don comments on Mark's entry about working at home. Don says:

I know how bad working at home all the time can be. One minute you think you have it all, commuting to work just a matter of walking from your bedroom to the office downstairs. Next minute, you feel like a squirrel running inside a turning wheel. Still, you can't beat the hours. Your nights and weekends aren't gone. They are just uprooted so you can have them any time you want.
Exactly. I work at home as much as I work at my office at the university, in large part on a schedule of my own choosing. Sometimes the deep of night is the best time to code. :-) Sometimes it can take over my life, but eventually the balance comes back. Still, the week becomes a uniform landscape of sunrises and sunsets, rather than an arbitrarily divided sequence ruled by numbers on a piece of paper in the wall. This might seem bad, but it releases the "pressure of the calendar" (As in: "Oh, it's saturday, we better do something). Like Kurt Cobain says in Lithium: "Sunday morning's/every that for all I care/and I'm not scared". :-)

Probably the weirdest result of all this is not internal but external, ie., in my interaction with others who might be working more "regular" hours/days. That's probably the trickiest thing to balance. Sometimes it's a bit of extra effort. But it's worth it.

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Posted by diego on February 3 2003 at 4:25 PM

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