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sun/java memo hoax?

Slashdot has discussion on a supposed Sun memo that states that Java should not be used for Sun's internal projects. Within the discussion there are several notes about inconsistencies (for example here and here).

Personally, I don't think the memo is too damaging (even if it was real, something I have my doubts about). Sun has been deploying Java internally in many applications for quite a while, and server-side Java is widely deployed not just within Sun (for example, last time I checked, the JavaSoft website was running the Java Web Server.) but also externally, and they work. The memo points to several "facts", for example: a HelloWorld application requires 9MB of disk space, but leaves out many details, such as the fact that once you install the JRE a HelloWorld app is actually a few KB, compared to hundreds of KB for a Windows app. Saying that a Java HelloWorld is 9MB is like saying a Windows HelloWorld is 500 MB since it requires Windows to run.

If the memo is real, the analysis is quite incomplete. If it's not, well, someone pulled a good one on Sun. Hopefully they will come out with an explanation.

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Posted by diego on February 9 2003 at 10:56 PM

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