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sun: against the odds

A New York Times article on the challenges faced by Sun. Aside from the strategic analysis (most of which has been covered recently in other places), I found one paragraph to be particularly enlightening:

These new chip and software strategies will move into the marketplace, step by step, over the next year or two. Knowing that regaining leadership in the industry won't be easy, Mr. McNealy, 48, met with his senior managers last year and asked each for a commitment to stay for five years. Shortly afterward, a handful of senior executives announced they were leaving, led by Edward J. Zander, the president.
I remember last year when those high-profile departures were taken as a sign of weakness for Sun. However, in light of this information, what it actually showed was strength since the executive team that is in place now will be able to see through the current strategy to completion. Very impressive. I also find it interesting that at the time they kept silent about this request for commitment, and that being the reason. Trying to avoid giving in to spin it seems.

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Posted by diego on February 23 2003 at 3:27 PM

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