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the pitfalls of computer-based text communications

An article (don't ask me how I got to this link, I have no idea!) on "An Etiquette for Computer-Based Communication". Regardless of the title, what the article really does is talk about several examples of how communication through email alone can create problems. I think they miss that distinction: the problems appear not with computer based communication, but when a single type of communication is used. With "redundancy" (email, phone, videoconferencing, and so on) misunderstandings are much less likely. In particular, reliance on email alone can be dangerous. But we knew that, right? It's not as if someone in the past would conduct their entire business only through snail-mail... but then technology has a way of shifting expectations, many times in wrong directions. Computer-based communication is not the problem. Misuse of it, or simply over-reliance on some of it forms, is.

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Posted by diego on February 24 2003 at 8:14 PM

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