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how real is reality?

How much of our world is real? Reality seems to be malleable enough so that it can support (for example) two groups of people where each presumes itself to be the only defender of all that's good and pure, the guardians of peace, etcetera, and that they're willing to go to war and obliterate the other to prove it.

A less trite example: the Peters Projection.

It's an "area accurate" map, as opposed to other maps that might, for example, maintain latitude lines equidistant. All two-dimensional maps will be, by necessity, inaccurate, since we are losing one dimension of information.

We are trained to think that the world is contained in the map, so to speak. We assume (implicitly) the map represents "reality" accurately, somehow, even though when looking at different projections we see how ridiculous this assumption is.

So, how much of our world is real? Probably anything that cannot be argued is real, to begin with. Like death, or life. Or a tree. Now as for the color of the tree.. 

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Posted by diego on July 11 2002 at 5:01 PM

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