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legal insanity

An interesting story on Salon about parents that sue (or threaten to sue) their child's school if the child doesn't get good grades. It reminds me of another recent story on Salon as well. The reader replies to that story where quite good, in particular:

"Heck, why stop there? Birth is a leading cause of eventual death, and every one of you who's alive is costing us every damned day! We won't stand for it. Sue everyone, all the time!"

It amazes me the level up to which Americans are prepared to forgo any sense of rationality and let a judge and a bunch of lawyers take over a process that would usually be solved by a converstation. It's commonly said that the US has more than 50% of all lawyers in the world, I'd say that this actually understates how much they do. I would not be surprised if the US accounted for 75% or more of all the lawsuits on earth as well.

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Posted by diego on July 12 2002 at 2:19 PM

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