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The teaser for The Two Towers, Part 2 of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, was released recently. I find it disappointing that in it they give away the fact that Gandalf comes back. For everybody out there that hasn't read the book, it's a major spoiler. Gandalf's return was one of the best surprise elements in the second book, and one of the few glimmers of hope in an otherwise dark and oppresive section of the story.

Another new Teaser Trailer is the one for Terminator 3. This one truly qualifies as insubstantial hype, if not outright garbage. The movie is set for release a year from now. Principal photography has barely begun (and it shows. The teaser has no footage). This movie will be dangerous for the "terminator" storyline. James Cameron is not involved in the project (he was outbid when trying to buy back the rights for the story, which he had originally sold to Carolco), and almost certainly means that the quality of the script and the difficult issues involved with story-coherence and time-travel will be ignored in the name of hollywood dollars. Too bad.

A more tantalizing teaser: Solaris Produced by James Cameron and directed by Steven Soderbergh, and (one would expect) based on Stanislaw Lem's classic novel of the same name. Cameron is one of the best for Science Fiction, and Soderbergh is one of the best directors out there... hopefully they will do right by one of the most original SF novels ever written.

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Posted by diego on July 12 2002 at 2:21 PM

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