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It was about nine months ago that the Anthrax Scare started. I was reminded of it by this Opinion piece from the New York Times. 

I remembered several articles that dealt with the suspicious "inability" of the FBI to find the culprit:

  • Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks. This analysis in particular is important since the author is a respected scientist that doesn't commonly babble conspiracy theories.

From Salon:

Information would then point to a disgruntled USAMRIID scientist based in Fort Detrick. The FBI shouldn't have trouble finding him... unless they didn't want to find it. I read somewhere one of the slightly crazier conspiracy theories: that the Anthrax had been mailed by a CIA agent in a mission to "test" the response of the US public healthcare system (and indeed of society as a whole) to a bioweapons attack.

Regardless of who did it, it's difficult to believe that the FBI doesn't know who he/she is... and if that's the case, then why don't they take action?

In any case, if nothing else happens on that front, it will probably be forgotten in the midst of some accounting scandal or White House press conference...

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Posted by diego on July 12 2002 at 10:09 PM

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